Friday, February 21, 2020

Week 6 Lab : Crash Course Videos

Video 1:

Mythology is is a subject that touches on literature, history, anthropology, sociology, psychology, religion,  and even science. It is a little bit of everything. Many myths are extremely old and exist in many forms or versions. Mythology is open to many different interpretations. Some scholars spend their whole lives arguing over these interpretations. The line between myth and religion is blurry. In this video, we focused on myths as stories and not facts. Most myths do not have nameable authors, even when they do they are just recasting already existing stories. It is very difficult to find a good definition for the word myth. Myth comes from the Greek word "Mythos" which means story.

Most myths that I have read have Gods in them, but in this video, I learned that not all myths must have Gods like some people believe. Stories can have superheroes as well or none at all and it can just be a story. We heard the story of Persephone and the underworld which is why some people believe that we have winter. Winter is supposedly the 6 months that Kore spends in the underworld. I had heard this story before but hadn't heard the meaning behind it.

The pomegranate with seeds that Kore ate in the underworld. Each 
seed that she ate was one month that she had to spend in the underworld.
Source: Crystalinks

Video 2:

Mythology as a study did not take off until the 18th or 19th century. In the 20th century, anthropologists conducted fieldwork to see how myths worked in society. Recent mythologies have tried to base their work on living individuals. Joseph Campbell was the most famous mythologist in the 20th century. Everyone sees myth differently depending on what their work is. For example, anthropologists and psychologists both view mythology differently and have different beliefs about it.

Video 3:

Heroes in most myths are going to be males, especially in myths in the English language. Some female heroes do exist in the stories but they are not as common. In this video, I learned about the story of 7 girls who conquered hunger, pain, and fear.

Link for the videos:

Friday, February 14, 2020

Week 5 Story: Ramo's Pond

In a jungle far far away, there is a dolphin named Ramo, who was king of the pond that he lived in. One day a year, many animals came from all over the jungle to bathe in King Ramo's pond.

Ramo's pond in the jungle;
Source: Pxhere

On that day, a lion named Royal showed up to bathe in the pond. While he was there, a beautiful cheetah showed up to bathe as well. She was beautiful and lit up as bright as the moon. She stole the lion's heart and was left breathless. Not knowing what to do, Royal asked the dolphin, "what do you know about that stunning cheetah and where did she come from?"

Ramo replied, "Her name is Diamond and she lives with her father very deep in the jungle."

When Royal went back home, he did not eat, he was lovesick. His parents asked him what was wrong and he just sat there. Eventually, he told them that he had seen a beautiful cheetah named Diamond that stole his heart while he was bathing in King Ramo's pond. His dad's face lit up and he said, "I know her father, I can ask her father to let you have her hand in marriage." After hearing this news, He eagerly ate his dinner and the next day they set off to find them in the jungle.

They traveled a far distance until alas they came across the area of the jungle where Diamond and her dad Larry live. Royal's dad explained how his son had seen her at Ramo's pond and it was love at first sight. He asked Larry if Royal could have Diamond's hand in marriage and he agreed.

A few months later, Larry officially handed over his daughter and she married Royal. Happily married, he took his wife and they went to live together at his parent's area of the jungle.

One day, Diamond's brother came to visit and was welcomed with open arms by his sister. He informed them that Larry had sent him to invite them to a festival that was taking part where his parents lived.

The next morning, they set off to travel across the jungle to where Diamond's family lived and on the way, they stopped at Ramo's pond. Royal went to speak to the King and as he was worshipping him he had an idea. He thought to himself, what better way to worship him than to sacrifice my own life. So he found a very sharp boulder, took it to his neck and sliced his head off.

His brother-in-law went looking for him because he was worried about what was taking him so long. When he saw what Royal had done, he was mad, upset and in grief so he did the same exact thing and sliced his head off.

Diamond walked in and instantly fell to the floor crying when she saw what had happened. She started to scream and yell while pounding the ground and crying. She yelled to Ramo, "Why should I even live, what is my life good for now?" She was about to kill herself and started praying to the King.

The king answered her prayers and said, "My dear Diamond, do not do something that you will later regret. If you put their heads back on them then they shall come back to life." So Diamond listened to the King and did as she was told, but made a mistake. She put her brother's head on Royal's body and Royal's head on her brother's body.

They both awoke and were happy listening to each other's adventures. They worshipped the King one more time and went on their way. Diamond was troubled and had no idea what to do.

The Girl, Her Husband and Her Brother translated by Arthur W. Ryder

Author's note: In the original story, White, who was a laundryman, came to bathe at a lake called Bath of Gauri. While he was there he met a beautiful woman named Lovely. White's dad asked Lovely's dad if his son could have her hand in marriage and Lovely's dad agreed. They got married, and when her brother came to visit them and invite them to a festival back at Lovely's parent's house they set off on a journey. They stopped at the temple of Gauri to worship the Goddess and both While and his brother-in-law beheaded themselves with a sword to show some sacrifice. Lovely was distraught and the Goddess told her that if she put their heads back on they would come back to life. However, Lovely accidentally switched their heads and was confused about what to do. I put a twist on it and used animals instead of people.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Biography: First Pet

For nineteen years, I begged my parents to let my dream come true and get me a dog. The answer was always no, and my mom assured me there would never be a dog in her household as long as I shall live under her roof. A few months into the nineteenth year, she saw a lady walking her Shih Tzu and fell in love with that breed. That's when I stepped in and started to once again nag her about getting a dog. She finally agreed and I could not have been any happier. That next week we drove to Stigler, Oklahoma and made the best decision. We picked up our little guy and brought him home four days after Christmas. 

The first picture of Skye the day we brought him home. 
Personal photo from December 2018. 

I never knew that this little bundle of joy could bring me so much happiness. It might have taken nineteen years but he came at a perfect time right when I lost my grandma, who was practically my best friend. I was really struggling and spending time with him really helped me fill the void that my grandma had left me with. This was my blessing in disguise and one of the things in life that I am most thankful for. We are attached at the hip and he is now the most spoiled baby. I wonder what my life would be like had my mom not given in to getting me a dog. 

Skye's first Christmas outfit.
Personal photo from December 2019. 

P.S. Enjoy one of my favorite pictures of him at the end. The little hoodie he is wearing says, "Who needs a mistletoe when you're this cute." This was his Christmas 2019 outfit and also the first Christmas that he spent with us. 

Author's Note: I chose to write about my first pet because it is one of the moments that changed my life for the best. I have struggled a lot trying to figure out who I truly am these past few years and getting him felt like my world was finally looking up. He is very special to me in many ways and if I am going to write any kind of biography he is an essential part. I loved writing this story because I got to relive the day that we got him and all those memories came running back. 

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Reading Notes: Cupid and Psyche Part A

The Captive Woman

This story starts off with some robbers getting together, pouring wine out of golden glasses to remember their dead comrades, and singing songs to honor their God Mars. shortly after this, they fell asleep. An old woman gets some barley and the horse starts eating it, meanwhile, the donkey went to go search for some bread because he was starving and hadn't eaten. The robbers woke up in the middle of the night and grabbed their weapons and left where they had been staying. Lucius who was previously a person and had been turned into a donkey was on his third basket of bread as dawn approached. Lucius went to the stream to get some water when he noticed that the robbers were returning to the site where they had been staying. They came back with no goods, but instead with a girl who you could tell came from a very well respected family of that region. The robbers tried to calm her down by talking to her and telling her not to be scared, for they just needed money and poverty had led them to do this. They were sure that her parents would not hesitate to pay to have their daughter back. The girl was not soothed by this so they called the old lady over to try to comfort her, but nothing was working and the girl was crying uncontrollably. She was crying and telling the old lady that she had been taken from her family and deprived of the comforts that she was born and raised to. She said, why should I stop crying, for how do I even know if I will live. She finally fell asleep and after a bit, she arose suddenly and started tormenting herself violently by pounding her breasts and tearing her face. The old lady was now starting to get angry and asked her why on earth she was crying. She said, "You better not try to cheat my men out of profit or I will see you roasted alive. 

The donkey that Lucius was turned into;
Source: Wikimedia

Bibliography: The Captive Women, Translated into English by Tony Kline 

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Famous Last Words: A Hectic Week

This past week has been extremely crazy and hectic. I have had several different doctor appointments to go to. I started and finished my application for the rest of my Communication Sciences and Disorders degree at OU Health Sciences Center. There were so many parts to it and a lot of paperwork that I had to get from my previous college and fill out so it was very time-consuming. I also work a full-time job and work six out of seven days a week. My schedule is very busy and some weeks I really struggle to fit everything in.

The reading that I chose this week was "Adam and Eve" from the biblical unit. I grew up going to church with my parents and going to bible school on Sundays to learn all about different stories of the bible. Reading those stories brought back old memories from those days and it was fun to read stories that I do not remember so well. I read the first part of the unit, but due to time restraints this past week I was not able to read Part B and write the blog for it by the time that it was due. I did the extra commenting assignments to make up for those points, but I really liked that unit so I want to go back and finish reading it soon.

I enjoyed the assignment where we have to comment on other people's posts because I find it interesting how everyone uses their imagination to recreate stories and change things about them. I read a lot of good ones and enjoy doing my work for this class because I am invested in it. This class is a lot of writing and I usually hate anything to do with writing, but it is so easy to get carried away typing when you are into the topic that you are writing about. There are not any limits in this class and that is a great opportunity to grow.

My goal for this week is to get all of my assignments done and do some extra credit to get ahead a few points. I have been procrastinating a lot these past few weeks and this week I really want to work on getting ahead so that I am not so stressed out.

An accurate description of the word tomorrow for procrastinators;
Source: Flickr

Week 4 Review

Escaping reality by reading;
Source: Tumblr

I really like this image that I came across on the H.E.A.R.T. part of the daily news. This picture is very relatable in my life and probably in other people's lives as well. We all deal with different things on a day to day basis and at times it can be too much and all we want is to be able to escape reality. I love reading and it is my favorite hobby. When I read books I catch myself getting so invested that I forget about what is going in on in my life at that very moment. In a sense, I escape reality and it is such a freeing feeling. It makes me feel like I am living whatever story I am reading and I am a character in the book. This graphic is a perfect representation of how many people use books to escape from reality, even if it is only for a little bit.

In my opinion, anything that an individual creates is a work of art. The way memes work, we have to find a picture and then write a caption for it. In a way, that is an art that is being created. It is something that they created with their imagination. The fact that they are made on the internet does not make that any different. Just like somone painting or drawing something is art, so are memes.